MPG is where P&C professionals and business owners alike, go for solutions to their tough workers' compensation situations, nationwide!



Monarch Partners Group LLC (MPG) is an independent, nationwide provider of Workers’ Compensation solutions, securing coverage for distressed risks and those in undesirable industries. MPG provides Workers’ Compensation solutions for distressed risks and industries that include:


With more than 30 years of experience and many millions in payroll/premium in our programs, MPG can find a Workers’ Compensation solution for most any distressed risk in any industry. We do this through our carefully selected, vetted and contracted Standard Markets, Administration Service Organizations (ASO), Professional Employer Organizations (PEO), Employer Of Record (EOR), and Captive program markets. MPG delivers to Agents & Brokers and their clients the right tailored solution. One size does not fit all when it comes to Workers’ Compensation solutions.

Standard Markets

The depth of our Workers’ Compensation insurance knowledge and our CEO-level relationships puts us in the unique position to find a home for Staffing and other tough risks within the standard market that would not otherwise be available.

Administrative Service Organization

An Administrative Service Organization (ASO) provides a unique a-la-carte offering with Workers’ Compensation as its main product. Similar to a standard market, the business remains the employer of record, processes its own payroll, and pays taxes under its own tax ID. The ASO model is ideal for Staffing firms and other risks.   

Professional Employer Organization

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provides HR services, payroll, and employee benefits as well as Workers’ Compensation as its main product. The PEO and the business entity become co-employers of record of the workforce with the PEO solely obligated to pay payroll and payroll taxes and manage and pay Workers’ Compensation claims. The client can choose to use employee benefits in or outside of the PEO.

Employer Of Record

An Employer Of Record (EOR), similar to a PEO, provides businesses with services including Workers’ Compensation coverage. However, the EOR becomes the sole employer of record of the workforce and is therefore solely obligated to pay payroll and payroll taxes, manage and pay claims, and for employee benefit purposes. 


A Captive is an entity formed to provide among other things Workers’ Compensation risk-mitigation services for the risk or a group of related risks. MPG has compelling segregated cell Captive Workers’ Compensation programs available to qualified risk groups with $2 million in minimum Workers’ Compensation premium.


In addition to our experience and success, there are many other reasons to look to MPG for alternative Workers’ Compensation solutions:

Compensation to referral partners is competitive and residual. Put MPG’s vast expertise, credibility and high-level relationships to work for you to find the best overall Workers’ Compensation solution for your client and provide you with a competitive edge.