Monarch Programs Group (MPG) has been in Workers’ Compensation insurance and administrative business solutions space for more than 30 years and currently services $900 million in payroll in our programs. Our deep expertise and insurance market connections help agents and brokers in Florida, California, and across the United States find the best overall solution for distressed risks and industries including Staffing, PEOs, Transportation, Agriculture and Construction.

MPG provides a broad range of Workers’ Compensation insurance solutions, customized for our clients’ individual challenges and requirements. Agents and brokers turn to us to find a home for their hard-to-place risks. Our solutions include:

MPG offers carefully selected and contracted standard market Workers’ Compensation solutions with partners that work closely with us to cover a wide range of larger risks.

Employers can obtain their Workers’ Compensation coverage through our ASO programs and retain the payroll process and their Employer of Record status. An ASO is a good for mid-sized businesses.

A business can partner with our PEO programs to obtain their Workers’ Compensation coverage and employee benefits. A PEO is a suitable solution for small to mid-sized risks.

An EOR is the registered employer for the worker, but does not have any supervisory or management role regarding the employee’s position. The EOR manages payroll and benefits as well as Workers’ Compensation, and is ideal for companies working with a large array of contractors, contingent workers and 1099 employees (freelancers). 

MPG offers compelling segregated cell Workers’ Compensation programs available to qualified risk groups with $2 million in minimum Workers’ Compensation premium.


  • Owner/CEO-level relationships with all Workers’ Compensation sources
  • Access to under-the-radar niche programs
  • Overall cost less than current cost in most cases
  • Pay-as-you-go and monthly reporting programs
  • Lower upfront costs in most cases
  • Short quote turnaround time
  • Workers’ Compensation coverage is all in one place
  • New codes and states are added quick and easy
  • Unemployment & Workers’ Compensation claims are handled (PEO/EOR)
  • Employer liability for employer/employee issues and payroll taxes are transferred away (PEO/EOR)
  • Employee-related HR/legal is our obligation are handled (PEO/EOR)

Compensation to referral partners is competitive and residual. Put MPG’s vast expertise, credibility and high-level relationships to work for you to find the best overall Workers’ Compensation solution for your client and provide you with a competitive edge.