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Securing & Managing Workers’ Compensation For Transportation & Trucking

Transportation is considered the second most hazardous industry in the U.S., with 5.2 out of every 100 transportation workers sustaining work-related injuries. Vehicular accidents are the most common cause of transportation industry injuries* and continue to rise. Truckers also incur injuries while loading or unloading freight, making roadside repairs on the truck, and slipping and falling while climbing in and out of the vehicle.


Additionally, Workers’ Compensation insurance is more complex for the transportation and trucking industry because drivers often travel through many different states, each with different laws. If, for example, the driver is based in Georgia and is injured in Oregon, coverage needs to work.


These are just some of the issues that make securing Workers’ Compensation insurance for transportation risks difficult without an experienced partner. Monarch Partners Group (MPG) can help provide you with the right insurance solution for your transportation clients.

Securing Agriculture Workers' Compensation Solutions


Depending on your client’s risk profile, we have a number of sound Workers’ Compensation insurance solutions for both local and long-haul trucking we can review to determine how we can best address their exposures. These include tapping into our carefully selected and vetted and contracted service providers and carriers:

Let MPG go to market for quotes from carriers that specialize in transportation and trucking.

A turnkey completely scalable full-service HR outsourcing solution is available that includes Workers’ Compensation insurance as one of its services.

A PEO serves as a co-employer providing the responsibilities of Workers’ Compensation insurance as its main product. A PEO takes over the responsibility for these areas allowing the business to focus on its operations. It uses the economies of scale to shop for and obtain Workers’ Compensation coverage from nationwide carriers.  

An EOR becomes the legal employer of your client’s workers, and assumes all liabilities and responsibilities for those workers, including their Workers’ Compensation insurance.

MPG has segregated cell Workers’ Compensation programs available to qualified risk groups with $2 million in minimum Workers’ Compensation premium.


In addition to our experience and success, there are many other reasons to look to MPG for alternative Workers’ Compensation solutions:

  • Owner/CEO-level relationships with all Workers’ Compensation sources
  • Access to under-the-radar niche programs
  • Overall cost less than current cost in most cases
  • Pay-as-you-go and monthly reporting programs
  • Lower upfront costs in most cases
  • Short quote turnaround time
  • Workers’ Compensation coverage is all in one place
  • New codes and states are added quick and easy
  • Unemployment & Workers’ Compensation claims are handled (PEO/EOR)
  • Employer liability for employer/employee issues and payroll taxes are transferred away (PEO/EOR)
  • Employee-related HR/legal is our obligation are handled (PEO/EOR)

Compensation to referral partners is competitive and residual. Put MPG’s vast expertise, credibility and high-level relationships to work for you to find the best overall Workers’ Compensation solution for your client and provide you with a competitive edge.