Staffing Workers’ Compensation in Action When Problems are Everywhere

Staffing Workers’ Compensation in Action: When Problems are Everywhere

When it comes to workers’ compensation claims and solutions among the staffing and short-term hiring industry, dealing with risks and liabilities is a little more unique than having to deal with issues among permanent workers.

The reasons for this can be wide and varied, but what do you do when claims aren’t handled correctly or if clients are taking advantage of a workers’ compensation system?

Some client companies may place temporary workers in dangerous roles they aren’t prepared for or covered against with staffing solutions insurance, underwriters may be indifferent to claims, or some workers may have plans of their own, getting hurt on purpose to make insurance claims and eschew having to work.

Whatever the issue may be, seeking out the root of the issues can be daunting and hard threads to follow.

Cutting Down on Risk

Staffing solutions clients who experience higher-than-average or more unique claims should be on the lookout for patterns and look to weed out any fraudulent or abnormal claims. In some cases, predatory employers might place workers in the wrong role, placing them in positions they are not qualified for in terms of safety. In other cases, there are predatory employees who might go into work with the goal of getting hurt to gather checks.

Workers’ compensation coverage representatives for staffing agencies should put an emphasis on risk management and claims background to curb these kinds of issues and feel prompted to act on anything suspicious.

One way this can be done is to institute a strict return-to-work policy around professionals working light duty or in healthcare, for example. By placing employees in the right position and keeping communication open, losses can be limited.

Workers’ compensation representatives in the staffing field should gather the tools and resources they have at their disposal to increase communication among clients and keep transparency alive.

The important issue here is putting clients and their employees in a position to go about workers’ compensation fairly and honestly. This will help to limit exposure to unique risks and cut down on the potential for issues related to paying out workers’ compensation benefits to clients who are incorrectly making claims whether they are doing so on purpose or not.

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