Staffing Programs Review Ideas

Why Staffing Programs Are Important to Review Before We Get Back to Work

The COVID-19 outbreak has completely changed the way we live, socialize, and work. Businesses have had to close and either furlough or layoff employees and employees who have continued to work have had to get used to working from home. While it may be a while before things get back up and running and we return to somewhat of normal life and schedule, it’s important for staffing agencies to review their staffing programs before placing workers back in the workforce.

Staffing Program Review Tips

There will always be ways for staffing firms to improve how they work toward building successful relationships with their clients. And, given the fact that COVID-19 caused everyone to put their operations on hold or change the way they function, reviewing operations and looking for ways to improve is crucial for continued success as we all get back to work.

Here are some staffing program areas to review and update:

Streamline Recruiting Process

Better recruiting efforts come from better daily processes. By reviewing outdated and inefficient spreadsheets, hardcopy documents, and paper resumes, for example, and replacing them with better technology practices, a staffing firm will be able to stay connected with clients more independently and efficiently.

One way this can be pursued is through a customer relationship management tool, or CRM, which can help staffing firms regulate how well recruiters and staffing agents at a firm communicate with clients, increase their sales, and build their relationships. A CRM can help a staffing agency respond to clients more easily while collaborating on an account.

Review Your Follow-Up System

There needs to be a well-run system in place to keep up with internal communication regarding clients and accounts. To achieve this, a firm needs to consider a few options to make sure efficiency is pursued and upheld.

One way is to consider what clients need immediately following a candidate screening. After working with a client to find the right candidates, it would help to offer an option for conducting interviews.

Another portion of a follow-up system needs to include checking in with a client’s needs three months out. Creating a follow-up email to touch base with clients and see about their satisfaction with your services and what they may need at that point can help strengthen your relationship.

Client Feedback

It’s important for staffing firms to keep track of all client feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. This should be reviewed and used in team meetings on a regular basis for praise and recognition, as well as highlighting areas that can be improved upon. Firms can send out short surveys to clients through email to measure satisfaction and gauge what is needed to help the customer achieve the success they’re looking for moving forward after COVID-19.

Make Sure You Understand Different Industries

All staffing firms work with clients in various industries. With this in mind, it’s important to have a solid running knowledge of the industry your clients are working in order to acquiesce their business needs. Being able to understand where they’re coming from when it comes to competition, for example, can help you find the right candidates with the best background.

A Note From Monarch Partners Group on Staffing Programs

We at MPG are proud of the American people for weathering the storms….and that MPG is here to help you and your clients with several all states Workers’ Compensation programs focused on tougher risks and industries of all kinds, including Staffing Programs.

MPG currently has about $800 million in payroll covered under these programs…of which half is Staffing. Most fitting for MPG are risks in industries undesirable to carriers and those with high xmods and/or higher cost class codes.  If help is needed please call Ken at (855) 435-5153 to discuss programs or send a submission for review directly to

Please go to our Staffing Workers Compensation Program page for more details. Thank you and stay safe!