What is Classified as Workplace Injury

Workplace Injury or Illness: Is it Covered?

When an employee becomes ill or injured, a workers’ compensation claim is to be expected. But does that mean that their illness or workplace injury was caused by something related to their work? Not necessarily.

Before a company foots the bill, it’s important to investigate what happened in order to avoid costly fees and a mark on your record as a business.

Workplace Injury Qualifications for Full Workers Comp Benefits

If an employee is seeking workers’ compensation benefits, they’ll have to show that their injury or illness is related to their work. Typically, if they were doing something for the benefit of their employer, and they were injured or became ill as a result, then their injury or illness can be classified as a workplace injury and they can receive benefits.

Lunch Breaks

Typically, injuries that happen on an employee’s lunch break are not considered work-related. For instance, someone wouldn’t be able to take advantage of benefits if they break their wrist tripping and falling on their way to get a slice of pizza. However, if they were to be injured in this way while picking up lunch for their superior, then they would potentially have a case on their hands. For those who become ill or injured while eating on the company’s premises, such as a lunchroom or cafeteria, the injury will usually be considered work-related.


Under the going and coming rule, workers’ compensation usually doesn’t cover injuries sustained during their commute to or from work. There are, however, certain exceptions to this rule, including when someone is driving a company vehicle, traveling for a business trip, or doing special errands for the business.


If someone was injured while breaking a safety rule in place or while doing something else that their employer has asked them not to do, their injury might still in fact be covered by workers’ compensation. This is part of the workers’ compensation bargain where employees have the right to bring claims against their employer for work-related injuries or illnesses, and those injuries are covered by workers’ comp, regardless of who is at fault.

Illnesses and Stress-Related Conditions

Workers’ compensation can also cover cumulative injuries developed over time, such as stress injuries or repetitive strain. For example, someone who works in an office and types on a computer all day may develop arthritis in their hands. This rule also covers occupational diseases and other illnesses resulting from long-term exposure and psychological illnesses resulting from workplace stress. These rules do vary state to state, however, and are not as concrete as other liabilities.

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