Temporary Workers Injury Risk Management

How Can Staffing Workers Be Injured at Work?

For staffing workers, there’s a lot that goes into their daily tasks of helping temporary professionals find work and earn income. But while staffing workers are right to worry about the health and safety of the employees they send out on jobs, they still have to worry about their own general health and safety in the office environment.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are tens of thousands of injuries or work-related health problems that staffing workers who work out of an office suffer every year. While working in an office may seem more comfortable than other environments, such as construction zones or factory settings, office jobs come with their own unique risks that should be thoroughly considered and protected against.

Staffing Worker Injury Risks

Here are some major safety risks that staffing workers need to be prepared for.

Slip and Fall

Every year, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) cites more than 800,000 patients who are hospitalized because of a fall injury. In fact, the CDC has found that office workers are more than twice as likely to suffer an injury from a fall than non-office workers. These falls can come from slipping on wet floors, tripping over loose carpeting or electrical cords, using a chair instead of a ladder, or poor lighting.

Repetitive Stress

These injuries are one of the fastest-growing occupational injuries in the office space. Any job that requires someone to sit or stand in the same position for a long period of time or perform the same manual tasks repeatedly can develop into a repetitive stress injury. A common type of injury in this category among staffing workers is carpal tunnel syndrome.

Back and Neck Strain

Injuries to your back, neck, and shoulders are usually due to working in the same position for multiple hours. Over time, a 40-hour workweek that includes someone staying in the same hunched position can add up. Some changes can work out by making pain and stress go away, including maintaining a neutral posture and moving around every hour. This can reduce stress on backs and joints and help boost circulation.

Strain on Eyes

In today’s work environment, screens run the show, especially in office spaces where staffing workers depend on them to connect temporary employees with new jobs. Unfortunately, eye strain is a real issue that needs to be protected against staffing workers, helping to keep dry and irritated eyes from causing stress. To reduce this eye strain and eye fatigue, workers should take 5-10-minute breaks every hour they spend looking at a computer or phone, which can give eyes a break and help to refocus things at varying distances.

Staffing Injury Risk Management Summarized

Understanding the risks that staffing injuries bring is crucial. Create a plan and recognize what your business specifically can contribute to workplace injury.

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